Day 334: Independence Day

Guess what. I’ve never seen Independence Day. (I suppose I’ve failed my generation). So when it was on tv today, I decided to give Kenley a head start on her cinematic education by watching it with her. (The hubs and I were babysitting Kenley so her parents could have a day date).
She was pretty critical of the special effects but I was a little more forgiving. Poor Harvey Fierstein just didn’t stand a chance against the fireball that was billowing down the streets of New York flinging cars in every direction. I was more concerned about how small Andrew Keegan’s role was. All he did was try to kiss the girl from Mrs. Doubtfire and then no more screen time. The 12 year old me who had multiple posters of him up in her room was crushed. But he went on to make classics like 10 Things I Hate About You and educational television programs like 7th Heaven. So that’s pretty cool for him.

Anyway the movie was Will Smith + Jeff Goldblum brilliance and I’m sorry I waited so long. I mean, welcome to Earth.


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