The List

From September 25, 2012 to September 24, 2013, I blogged about one fun thing I did each day. Here is the complete list:

  1. Start blog.
  2. Play Bananagrams!
  3. Enjoy solitude and herbal tea.
  4. Dinner at Deleece.
  5. See a musical.
  6. Sunday Dinner.
  7. Guilty Pleasure Monday: read all of Perez Hilton.
  8. At home pedicure.
  9. Read a new play.
  10. Drive fast with windows down, music up.
  11. GHOST
  12. Spend a full day with family and friends.
  13. Watch wedding video.
  14. Guilty Pleasure Monday: Pinterest.
  15. Top Chef like cooking challenge.
  16. Clean and organize the house.
  17. Go shopping at Foursided.
  18. Walk dog.
  19. Enjoy a home-cooked meal (made by someone else).
  20. Call Grandma!
  21. Professional photo shoot.
  22. Try acupuncture.
  23. Design a personal holiday card.
  24. Reconnect with a friend.
  25. Have warm, store bought, cookies.
  26. Watch a childhood movie.
  27. Stroll around a favorite neighborhood.
  28. Gulity Pleasure Monday: online and in store shopping.
  29. Spontaneous celebration.
  30. Be in a silly video.
  31. Reflect on progress of blog so far.
  32. Couple time without all those technological devices.
  33. Visit a farm in the Fall.
  34. Watch football.
  35. Guilty Pleasure Monday: Dog Shaming
  36. Write haikus.
  37. Celebrate Halloween.
  38. Write a couple’s bucket list.
  39. Read a bunch of funny cards, then buy some and send to friends.
  40. Do quizzes on Sporcle.
  41. Learn something from doing this blog.
  42. Guilty Pleasure Monday: shampoo and blow dry at the salon.
  43. Vote.
  44. Play with the dog.
  45. Conquer a mobility issue.
  46. Take pictures with a disposable camera.
  47. Go to a book signing.
  48. Plan an office secret santa.
  49. Host a Fall party.
  50. Get everyone excited for the secret santa by having everything ready for them to draw names.
  51. Substitute Guilty Pleasure Day: get a manicure
  52. FaceTime chat with an old friend.
  53. Make a Christmas wish list.
  54. Have so much fun, you can’t choose just one thing!
  55. Tour a home you know you can’t buy.
  56. Guilty Pleasure Monday: spend the afternoon at Ikea
  57. Get the disposable camera pictures developed and share with friends.
  58. Make a no bake dessert for a holiday get together.
  59. Give thanks.
  60. Admit you are a twihard.
  61. Participate in a public singalong.
  62. Decorate for a holiday.
  63. Guilty Pleasure Monday: stay in pj’s all day.
  64. Wear silly socks so people can see and gauge reactions.
  65. Gaze at a lovely view.
  66. Compete, crossword style.
  67. Participate in a food craze.
  68. Learn about family history (ideally by visiting with older relatives).
  69. Give and get a gift at a White Elephant party.
  70. Guilty Pleasure Monday: Eat at the Bongo Room.
  71. Update your bedding.
  72. Cuddle with human, animal or inanimate object.
  73. Make potpourri.
  74. Purchase and put together a new piece of furniture.
  75. Set the table, even if the occasion does not call for it.
  76. Start the day with a dance party.
  77. Guilty Pleasure Monday: Shop at a holiday market (and buy something you normally wouldn’t).
  78. Address and send holiday cards.
  79. Wrap holiday gifts.
  80. Take your dog to play at a dog park. (Or just watch dogs play)
  81. Write to your representation about an important issue.
  82. Attend a Vinejoy Potluck.
  83. Look for a new magazine to subscribe to.
  84. Guilty Pleasure Monday: Slide around on hardwood floor in socks.
  85. Celebrate at work sponsored holiday event.
  86. Start/join a book club.
  87. Meditate.
  88. Exchange gifts on first married Christmas.
  89. Give a gift to a child and play with it with him/her.
  90. Dance crazy.
  91. Guilty Pleasure Monday, Christmas Eve: Keep family traditions and appreciate little moments.
  92. Celebrate Christmas with family.
  93. Enjoy being away, but appreciate coming home too.
  94. Take pride in a small work task.
  95. Appreciate your shower.
  96. Forget to post.
  97. Rearrange the furniture.
  98. Make New Year’s Resolutions.
  99. Be grateful for the tangible and intangible.
  100. Join a walk for charity event, in my case the 2013 Arthritis Walk.
  101. Start or participate in a Facebook pay it forward chain.
  102. Play S#!t Head.
  103. Movie Date Out.
  104. Downton Abbey!
  105. Guilty Pleasure Monday: Caramel Cone Ice Cream
  106. Make a smoothie.
  107. Play Words With Friends with family.
  108. Go out at a time when you might not normally.
  109. Start planning a trip.
  110. Sing showtunes.
  111. Visit the Apple Store.
  112. Guilty Pleasure Monday: blanket, couch, READ.
  113. Birthday: Book of Mormon
  114. Start a new job.
  115. Take the Jung Typology Personality Test.
  116. Take pictures while walking the dog.
  117. Double Feature.
  118. Organize the closets.
  119. Guilty Pleasure Monday: Tahitian Vanilla Caramels.
  120. Stay inside all day, on purpose.
  121. Play Ticket to Ride.
  122. Play in the snow!
  123. Mail pictures to a relative.
  124. Paint a chalkboard wall.
  125. Book the trip!
  126. Play soccer (with a dog).
  127. Look at a bunch of catalogs.
  128. Draw on the chalkboard wall.
  129. Let someone else clean your house.
  130. Play Staring Contest; Rock, Paper, Scissors; and Thumb War.
  131. Eat fried cheese curds in Wisconsin.
  132. Watch the Super Bowl.
  133. Guilty Pleasure Monday: The Bachelor
  134. Host an alumni event.
  135. Celebrate Opening Night of a play.
  136. Write a love letter to an inanimate object.
  137. Eat at Chalkboard in Lincoln Square.
  138. Make an Itinerary.
  139. Paint pottery and give it as a gift.
  140. Guilty Pleasure Monday: drive in silence.
  141. Do Yoga.
  142. 4 Pics 1 Word.
  143. Have a home made-ish Valentine’s Day at home.
  144. Play chess.
  145. Jump on a bed.
  146. Guilty Pleasure Sunday: Thin Mints
  147. Workshop a new play.
  148. Dress up your pet in jewelry.
  149. Make a custom photo to frame.
  150. Use Overgram.
  151. Get a foot rub.
  152. Watch the short film, Validation.
  153. First Book Club meeting.
  154. YouTube Week- spirit animal.
  155. YouTube Week- HIMYM blooper reel.
  156. YouTube Week- best post-oscar moment.
  157. YouTube Week- tearful sports story.
  158. YouTube Week- patient dog.
  159. YouTube Week- Drunk History.
  160. YouTube Week- share a home video (of your pet).
  161. Go to the gym.
  162. Make duct tape art.
  163. Eat at Hopleaf.
  164. Do something “old married” couples do.
  165. Eat at Bistro Campagne.
  166. Go to LTAB (Louder Than A Bomb).
  167. Eat a treat, like a Starbucks chocolate brownie.
  168. Meet a newborn.
  169. Go to the doctor (what?) (it was fun).
  170. Make a good mood list.
  171. Enjoy friends with whom you share a name.
  172. Have friends write the blog.
  173. Order popout maps for a trip.
  174. Try a water workout.
  175. Substitute apples and peanut butter for a usual, unhealthy snack.
  176. Take care of someone else for once.
  177. Enjoy mail (it’s better if someone sends you a surprise).
  178. Get your hair washed (really well) at a salon.
  179. Have a spontaneous get together.
  180. Create a party invite using Pingg.
  181. Enjoy many guilty pleasures.
  182. Check in, it’s the halfway mark.
  183. Celebrate a pet’s birthday.
  184. Pack for a long trip in a carry on suitcase.
  185. Have an intelligent discussion about a piece or art or theater.
  186. Attempt to alleviate travel anxiety.
  187. London: St. James Park, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, The Red Lion and Chor Bizzare.
  188. London to Brussels: love trains.
  189. Brussels: Mannekin Pis, make your own beer tour.
  190. Brussels: hot chocolate, Neuhaus chocolates and Maison Antoin frites.
  191. Amsterdam: rent a car.
  192. Amsterdam: Anne Frank House
  193. Paris: Cafe Moderne
  194. Paris: Champs Élysées, Arc de Triumph, and Eiffel Tower via rickshaw.
  195. London: Tate Modern, Globe and anniversary time.
  196. Lazy vacation day.
  197. Order in after a long flight.
  198. Bring fresh eyes to work.
  199. Take a mid workday walk.
  200. Attend (or work) a gala.
  201. Have tea with a friend.
  202. Watch Kardashians and veg.
  203. Instagram a #ootd
  204. Find reassurance you are on the “right path” in some aspect of your life.
  205. Allow someone to call you out and make a change for the better.
  206. Interview someone.
  207. Use the Photobooth app on an iProduct.
  208. Go to Ikea to shop with and for someone else.
  209. Have a very married Sunday.
  210. Train for a walk (like the Chicago Arthritis Walk)
  211. Get Apple TV (and acknowledge your total addiction to Apple products)
  212. Oops
  213. Design a team T-shirt
  214. Eat at Farmhouse Tavern
  215. Celebrate progress in your training
  216. Outdoor cooking
  217. Watch Netflix on the gym machine TV
  218. Forever Yogurt
  219. Work outside
  220. Continue to decrease average minutes per mile walk time
  221. Offer someone a job.
  222. Host a fundraising party.
  223. Spend time in the suburbs with people with kids.
  224. Eat leftovers and relax.
  225. Ski Safari.
  226. Have a meeting in an unusual place.
  227. Help with video editing.
  228. Give friends tickets to a show and then hear what they have to say about it after.
  229. Satisfy a musical craving.
  230. Make a “real” photo album.
  231. Stay out way later than you normally do.
  232. Bring someone FroYo (It’s froyo to go).
  233. Plan a baby shower.
  234. Treat yourself to some nice workout gear.
  235. Participate in a run/walk for charity.
  236. Attend a high school graduation.
  237. Watch an entire season of a TV show in one day.
  238. Find a cute story on Buzzfeed.
  239. Order cards from Nourishing Notes.
  240. Read “Fun Stuff” page on Huffington Post.
  241. Do a group craft project.
  242. Dog pile in the bed (with dogs, not humans).
  243. Eat a Pronto Pup.
  244. Relax.
  245. Eat more than one meal with the same people.
  246. Hold court by scheduling multiple meetings/hangouts in the same bar.
  247. Eat at Marigold.
  248. Drive at night during a thunderstorm.
  249. Attend a new play reading.
  250. Attend the New Harmony Project writers conference.
  251. Find peace in a place you love.
  252. Buy a musical instrument.
  253. Treat a medical need (toenails lasered).
  254. Start of Fun focused Pinterest Board.
  255. Give a curtain speech.
  256. Eat Dad’s cooking.
  257. Host a baby shower.
  258. Watch The Tony’s.
  259. Face a fear (heights, skyscraper).
  260. Discover a new part of the city.
  261. Non-stop text conversation.
  262. Paint nails.
  263. Camp.
  264. Explore a Northern Michigan.
  265. Hike.
  266. Utilize interns.
  267. Celebrate a friend’s success.
  268. Eat vegetarian.
  269. Put together a last minute (yet pretty) snack plate.
  270. Have dog sleepover.
  271. Support a cause.
  272. Observe the moon.
  273. Make a collage on Polyvore.
  274. Create a silly photo on FarrOut.
  275. Return to Guilty Pleasures.
  276. See a Q Brothers’ show.
  277. One on One with a playwright.
  278. Go to a few art fairs/festivals.
  279. See Mike and Joe play.
  280. Buy something from Wasted.
  281. Become a member at Massage Envy.
  282. Attend a Functional Strength and Fitness class.
  283. Celebrate Fourth of July.
  284. Learn about an animal (llama!).
  285. Buy bikes.
  286. Take a bike ride.
  287. Vow to live a more active lifestyle.
  288. Get an ombre hair color.
  289. Pet your dog.
  290. Sleep in an Airstream.
  291. Eat at The Cook’s House.
  292. Attend a vow renewal.
  293. Find more Airstreams.
  294. Anthropologie love.
  295. Run.
  296. Read a friend’s travel blog.
  297. Listen to This American Life.
  298. Rate animal cuteness online.
  299. Eat at John’s Place.
  300. Have an ideal summer day, reflect.
  301. Eat a biscuit from Bang Bang Pie Shop.
  302. Hold court at a coffee shop.
  303. See high school theatre.
  304. Attend and work a work event.
  305. Set up for a garage sale.
  306. Have a garage sale.
  307. Visit places you used to go all the time.
  308. Attend a non-traditional graduation.
  309. Prepare for things to come.
  310. Meet with your mentor.
  311. Roadtrip Day 1
  312. Roadtrip Day 2
  313. Roadtrip Day 3
  314. Roadtrip Day 4
  315. Roadtrip Day 5
  316. Roadtrip Day 6
  317. Roadtrip Day 7
  318. Roadtrip Day 8
  319. Be present for the birth of a family member.
  320. Spend time with a newborn.
  321. Make time to catch up.
  322. Support someone’s life plan.
  323. Catch up on the day’s news.
  324. Monopoly iPad style.
  325. Correct a mistake.
  326. Guilty Pleasure: Fantasy Football.
  327. Celebrate the hubs bday.
  328. Lounge in a park with friends.
  329. Appreciate the asleep, not asleep moments of peace.
  330. Buy appropriate shoes for arthritic feet.
  331. Rearrange your office.
  332. Have an impromptu marriage day.
  333. Watch someone meet a new family member.
  334. Watch a movie you’ve never seen, but should have.
  335. Find a picture that expresses your mood.
  336. Discover Arbonne.
  337. Draft your fantasy football team.
  338. Make new friends.
  339. Play Freeze.
  340. Swing on a rope swing.
  341. Swing some more.
  342. Play tennis.
  343. Acknowledge the end of summer.
  344. Get back into your routine.
  345. Go off sugar.
  346. Ride your bike to work.
  347. Work with an accountant.
  348. Make a big announcement.
  349. Go on a spiritual journey.
  350. Recreate Chopped in your kitchen.
  351. Read Kinfolk.
  352. Watch I’m Having Their Baby.
  353. Reconcile the books.
  354. Watch Friday Night Lights.
  355. Write an autobiography.
  356. Continue the spiritual journey.
  357. Go to a new business.
  358. Host an Arbonne party.
  359. Watch Nick at Night.
  360. Guiliana and Bill, again. More reflection.
  361. Catch up on blog posts.
  362. Take an adoption class.
  363. Watch kids play football.
  364. Get a tattoo.
  365. Celebrate one year of blogging!

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