Day 4: I think it’s working

After another long day at work (and another 8:00pm traffic jam), I was STARVING. Ok, not literally. But I did feel like my stomach was eating itself. Thankfully, my husband and I had a reservation at Deleece, a small neighborhood place and the location of our first date. We also ate here after he popped the question.

Going tonight was a special event because we honestly have not been out on a dinner date in weeks. Most nights, we sit on our couch and watch DVR or read, not because we do not want to go out but because my energy has been too low or I have been in too much pain. This has gone on for long enough that I, honestly, felt intimidated by the idea of tackling nightlife (and the two flights of stairs to get out of the apartment. I’m feeling a whole blog post on this in the future…). Coming from work made it a little less daunting and I was looking forward to reminiscing about the other times we’ve eaten at this restaurant.

Needless to say, it is a special place to us made more special by both this project and the adjustment it has had, in just four short days, on my mood. While I may have left work grumpy, tired and hungry (yet again), I arrived at Deleece, excited, energized and, well, hungry. Each fun activity I undertake leaves me feeling better than when I began. While I do not aspire to have fun every second of every day (that sounds exhausting) I have definitely noticed an adjustment in my attitude. I both look forward to fun every day and see more fun in other parts of my life.

Tonight we toasted to this blog and enjoyed a much needed night out.


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