Day 17: Foursided

One of my very favorite stores in Chicago is called Foursided. It’s at Clark and Catalpa in Andersonville. They are a framing shop but also sell cards, art, candles, and lots of other cool decor and printing items. My favorite time to go is in the Fall because their front window items change from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas.

It has been a while since I have ventured out for a shopping trip. This is something I love to do whether the goal is clothes, presents, or groceries. Because of the injection I got on Tuesday, I was able to go and shop around. I did not feel rushed or worried that I would get too tired being on my feet. It was really a great feeling to go out and do something I love on my own!

The loot: I got a scrap metal statue of a dog that reminds me of my dog, Elphaba, three small soy candles that smell like “heirloom pumpkin” and a pretty glass pumpkin that will probably be the only Halloween decoration I buy. Thanks Foursided for some great stuff and for being so cool. See you in about a month for Christmas decor!



One thought on “Day 17: Foursided

  1. […] new Saturdays and I’m loving it. With my new gig as a Friday-Sunday shop girl at Foursided (remember how I love this store so much that I went to it on one of my first YoF excursions?) and my regular gig at the theater Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, Tuesdays have become my day. […]

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