Day 53: Wish List

Every year, my immediate family makes Christmas wish lists. These have evolved from my sister and I going through the JC Penny’s Catalogue and circling everything we want from the toy section, to adult lists sent via email complete with links to websites where gifts can be purchased. It works for us, and every year I am excited to make my list. But when I start thinking about it (which is usually in October when my mother starts asking for one) I never know where to begin. I don’t like to put the same kinds of things every year whereas I could probably copy my husband’s exactly from last year: ties, dress shirts, one electronic device, the end.

Tonight, at dinner, we talked and talked about what we want, even letting things get a little out of hand–a European vacation, new furniture, my mom to repaint all the rooms in our condo (seriously she’s super good at it), a new house, a vacation house, another dog (maybe that one was just me), etc.  While those things are fun to fantasize about, I ended up going with a stand mixer, leggings and some fun group/party games. All super fun things that could end up with their own blog post.

Honestly, though, I get more excited about shopping for my family when I get their lists. ‘Tis the season!


One thought on “Day 53: Wish List

  1. Sue Slight says:

    Love your and Danny’s list.. it was predictable though! I’m all over the painting thing and thank you for the compliment on my painting talents, but you have to get behind your sis and Britt’s trim for their bathroom that is 2 yrs waiting… I swear (cuz I know Meagan and Britt will read this) it will get done before Christmas this year!!! :o) Love to you all!

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