Day 59: Giving Thanks

On holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, it will be hard for me to choose one fun thing to write about on this blog. I love the holidays (if that isn’t clear enough already) and try to enjoy them in so many ways. Here is a list of things I will do today that will be tremendously fun:

  1. watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade
  2. bake pumpkin bars
  3. watch football
  4. eat, feast, tire, eat more
  5. hug family

Here are some of things I’m thankful for–family (momdadmeaganbrittreddykalapadma nathanphilphiljrpriankastevegertjohnIIjohnIIIjohnIV(!)juliejenniderekcedrictanneralisonalexangel billtristangrandma), kindness, Chicago, Wild Bunch, Elphaba, theatre, blog readers, cinnamon, instagram, holiday decorations, baking, music, reality television, scarves, West Elm, philanthropy, photobooths, celebrity, How I Met Your Mother, UET, ACT, CST, CU, NMH, DIY, New York Giants, Lake Michigan, dog parks, other people’s babies, my iPhone, wordpress, health and FUN. (not the band, the purpose of this blog. ok also the band).


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