Day 61: Singalong

Just got home from the much anticipated Sound of Music Singalong! It really was everything I hoped it would be and more. This annual event at the Music Box Theater isn’t just people in a room singing along to a movie. It’s vocal warm-ups, costume parade, gift bag full of interactive items (flashcards, Edelweiss, poppers-for when the Captain and Maria kiss for the first time, etc.) and so much laughing and singing. For the holidays, they do a White Christmas Singalong and I will definitely be back.


3 thoughts on “Day 61: Singalong

  1. Jana says:

    OMG!! I am totally in for next year … that sounds amazing 😉

  2. Robin Edwards says:

    I am learning so much about the theatre from you…..enjoying every blog, love Robin Edwards

  3. Meagan says:

    Please oh please take me to the White Christmas one sometime?! It’s my favorite!

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