Day 68: A Visit

The hubs and I are in Iowa this weekend so we decided to have dinner and a visit with my grandma. I’ve already posted about how great she is, so I’ll just say here that is was so nice to see her! Highlights include her telling me how this blog perks her up when she’s feeling down (she doesn’t have the Internet but my mom prints my posts and takes them to her), the hubs taking care of everything in the kitchen (so nice) and Grandma reminiscing about the past (as a response to my questioning). She told me that my grandpa told her before they were married that she would always have roses. He kept his word, and every time they moved, which was a lot, he planted a rose bush right away so she could always have them. Now that he has passed away, she keeps roses in the house because “it’s the least I can do for him.”

I love that I now know this amazingly sweet detail about their relationship I might not have heard about otherwise. I’m lucky to have this time with her when I’m old enough to really be curious about her life and our family’s history. Truly, this is a highly recommended activity.



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