Day 72: Cuddle it Up

Today I’m sick. Ugh. It’s hard to avoid when you work with a lot of people and interact with the general public most evenings. Luckily I don’t have a high fever. That’s when the threat of infection is higher and I have to call the doctor, stop medications and worry. This is the kind of thing where I just generally feel lousy and sneeze loudly. So, I’ve spent all day on the couch. (I’m even writing this on my phone from the couch with Home Alone on in the background). I find it hard to think of and do fun things when I’m laid up like this (that don’t involve tv, food or the Internet). Probably the best I’ve felt all day was when Elphie hopped up on the couch to cuddle with me. She started at my feet but before long, she was stretched out longways on her back on top of me. It was the best.




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