Day 76: Technically Today

When December moved from the 8th to the 9th, my dinner party friends and I were in the midst of an almost three hour dance party at our favorite local dive/dance/photo booth bar, the Holiday Club. Located on Irving Park and Sheridan (a mere block from our home), this Uptown gem does not look like the kind of place that has children of the 80’s and 90’s dancing for hours on a Saturday night, but it does just that with a dj that mixes a little nostalgia with a lot of volume. Seriously, the place was packed. And because I technically was there (dancing my heart out) on this day, it is today’s fun thing.

Now we all like to have fun, but we rarely go out to a bar at 11pm and dance until after 1:30am. On the contrary, 11pm is usually a late night for us. I guess we were all feeling a little feisty because everyone was on board and excited for this special and unexpected fun! And yes I do have some pictures but those are probably best left unshared.


One thought on “Day 76: Technically Today

  1. www.emilyaltphotography says:

    I seriously can barely walk today. I totally ruined my knee. What? How old am I??

    too. much. fun. 🙂

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