Day 80: Dog Park

I had the day off today and instead of just going for a walk, I decided to take Elphie to the dog park right near our home. It’s close enough and she loves it enough that every time I walk her she thinks that is where we are going. Instead I always steer her the other way, much to her dismay I imagine.

Today, as we headed there, I remembered the last time I was actually there with her. It was about a year ago. I had just spent about two weeks in bed recovering from a spinal tap to check for meningitis and the hubs was taking Elphie to the dog park, as he did most nights during this time. To his surprise, I said I wanted to go with. We bundled up together and walked to the park. It was empty and snow covered. I sat on a bench and watched Elphie and my husband play fetch. I remember feeling encouraged by the trip out, rejuvenated by the fresh winter air and hopeful that it was the start of recovery from a dark period during which I felt extremely sick and sore all the time. At the time I did not know that recovery would take much longer than I had expected. But today taking Elphie there and playing fetch with her myself allowed me to recognize how much has changed and how much better I feel. It also reminded me to continue to take advantage of my good health now.

Also she played with an adorable four month old puppy and came home only to plop on the floor and look like this. For hours.



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