Day 103: Movie Date

The hubs likes to go to movies. And I like to watch movies at home. Its a sore subject around the hubs because it’s easier to stay in and watch a movie than it is to get me to go out and see a movie. It’s mostly that I don’t like to watch movies with “the kids,” and by that I mean obnoxious twelve to seventeen year olds who are loud and intentionally annoying in the theatre. Call me crotchety, but it’s true. I’ll shake my cane at them if I must.

However, I do appreciate seeing movies when they come out, especially nearing award season. So tonight we went to our favorite movie theater (Cinemark in Evanston. It’s big. It’s modern. And mostly full of adults) and saw Les Miserables.

A lot of people have said a lot of things about this movie, many of them negative. It’s been very interesting to hear responses ranging from, “It’s absolutely terrible!” to “I loved it!” Personally I thought it did a great job of telling the story and highlighting each individual characters’ struggle in a way I have not seen on stage. Also I pretty much sobbed my way through it.

Regardless of what I thought, I had a great time going out with the hubs. He grabbed my hand when he knew I was crying and we talked at length about the movie after. This is my public vow to go to more movies with him.


One thought on “Day 103: Movie Date

  1. Robin Edwards says:

    Lincoln was an awesome movie. We also liked Flight.

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