Day 117: Double Feature

The plan for today was to take in a double feature, the 4:35pm showing of Silver Linings Playbook and then the 7:35pm showing of Argo. The hubs and I are on a quest to see the Oscar nominated movies. We made it to our favorite theater (Cinemark in Evanston-yeah we like our movie theaters like we like our Chillis, suburban) in time for Silver Linings Playbook.

I really liked this movie. It had the structure of a romantic comedy, yet the depth and sensitivity of a story about a young man’s struggle with mental illness. I found this combination fascinating and moving. The writer/director continued to turn the world over and over, often making the viewer, at least me, feel as unstable as the characters within it.

When we got out, it was getting close to 7pm. Instead of just sneaking in to the other theater for Argo like most people, we left to go buy tickets. And it was SOLD OUT. I can’t remember the last time I tried to go to a movie that had been out and it was sold out! The lesson, though, is that if we would have snuck in, we probably would have gotten caught. Eek.

Instead, we drove home, got Indian take out, and planned to watch another movie. Or maybe just DVR. But the intent for a double feature was there. And I’m sure it would have been really fun. Anyway, I’m glad we saw Silver Linings Playbook and got to eat Indian food.



One thought on “Day 117: Double Feature

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