Day 124: Painting the Walls Black

Our entryway is narrow and white. We have an old, ugly bookshelf that holds mail, photos and Elphie’s personal items and a mat for shoes. This hall also has the furnace closet and a coat closet, so there is not much we can change about the space and how it works. Other than paint a chalkboard wall!

One small wall sticks out a little and thus is the perfect spot for updates from the dog walker, cute loves notes, inside jokes and maybe a doodle or two. The hubs is very kind and offered to do it all himself so that I would not over-exert myself. But I really wanted to paint some (you can see the proof below) and it probably doesn’t count as my fun thing if I don’t participate. We painted the first and second coats very easily and now just have to wait three days before we can write on it.

I’m wondering if it might also be cute to get some wood cut and frame it out like a picture…thoughts?





4 thoughts on “Day 124: Painting the Walls Black

  1. Susan says:

    Great idea! Next to those widow blocks doesn’t look like it needs a frame!

  2. rachel says:

    what if you put a few frames on the wall to accent certain messages? the frames could reserve space for happy thoughts only! or love notes, but that’s gross 😉

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