Day 134: We are the UET

I had an amazing college experience at the University of Evansville. It’s hard for me to put in to words how it changed me from a shy, theater-nerd to a confident individual. In high school, I often felt like an outsider, but in college, I found an inclusive group of amazing people who where passionate about theater in the same way I was (am).

Tonight, along with a fellow alum and the hubs, I hosted an event in my home for Chicago area UET alums attended by the Head of the department and another faculty member. When I was in school, I was close with both of these professors, so it was great to catch up with two of my mentors. It was definitely a fun evening meeting recent grads, new Chicagoans, and even a few seniors auditioning for grad schools and catching up with friends from my time at UE that I haven’t seen in way too long. Some folks from Milwaukee even made the trip down for the party!

Sometimes I forget how much fun and how life-changing college was for me, but one night with all these amazing people reminded me. I’m so grateful for that time in my life and am thrilled to see more alums making their way to Chicago and doing well.
Love the UET.



One thought on “Day 134: We are the UET

  1. Kathryn C. says:

    I just found this paging through your blog to see what you had written about the UET reunion. It was a great time! Thanks for having it. Maybe it helped recruit some of those current UET to become future Chicagoans!

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