Day 143: V-Day, Married Style

I woke up this morning to a card next to my phone with my name on it. It was lovely and all about being married, partners. The hubs left right before I got up and I was in a daze, so I did not even notice him leaving the card. Thus the sweet start to our first married Valentine’s Day.

The plan was always that he would cook a surprise and I would take care of dessert. To me, this meant “buy something cuz I’ll be in the kitchen.” On the way home today, I picked up a 6″ flowerless chocolate cake (from Whole Foods). My responsibilities done, I proceeded to read the valentines we had received in the mail–one from my parents and one from my grandmother–and watch Kourtney and Kim Take Miami until I was summoned to the table.

Placed in front of me was this:

20130214-190850.jpgThat’s a chicken pot pie and a kale salad with almonds and a strawberry vinaigrette dressing. DELICIOUS. He even bought new dishes to make and serve this dish that he knows is a favorite of mine.

We also enjoyed some lovely champagne, Laurent Perrier, a brand we’ve never tried but it is also DELICIOUS.

20130214-191424.jpgAfter a much needed food rest, we then tackled this:

20130214-204053.jpgOur first married Valentine’s Day was quiet and lovely. It was all fun, but I would say making the decision to have a quiet evening in (vs. the two more extravagant Valentine’s Days we’ve had in the past) was the most fun. And DELICIOUS.


One thought on “Day 143: V-Day, Married Style

  1. Sue (Mom) says:

    Major thumbs up to “the hubs”! Can I have the kale salad recipe?? Happy you had such a wonderful first Married Style Valentine’s Day.

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