Day 149: Craft Craving

The hubs and I have been slow to put up wedding pictures. While we love so many of the photographs from both of our events, we don’t want to be THAT couple with wedding pictures all over their home. For some reason when I got home tonight, I was in a mood to craft and my mind went right to wedding stuff.

The hubs was raised Hindu and I Christian and when we got married we didn’t really want the ceremony to be traditionally either religion. So we charged our best man and maid of honor with the task of leading and writing the ceremony. Even though we pointed them in different directions (one focused on world views of marriage, the other on family and friends), they both came upon the phrase “loving kindness.” Since that moment, we’ve fallen in love with that phrase.

SO-back to tonight. I printed a picture from right before our Chicago reception and the text, “loving kindness,” in some fonts I liked. I traced the words on to printed picture and put it in a frame I had laying around. It might not be the thing that lives in that frame forever, but I like it for now. And it satisfied my craft craving.




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