Day 165: Bistro Campagne

I am so full. So full of French cooking. It’s so good. Bistro Campagne is where the hubs and I go when we want to step up our date night. It’s a little pricier than our usual places but with such delicious food. I mean, it’s really worth it.

I started with cream of mushroom soup and the hubs with duck confit croquettes. For my main course, I had sole with couscous and vegetables and the hubs had boef bourguignon. We finished with profiteroles, pastry ice cream sandwiches covered in chocolate. Everything was so delicately prepared and had layers of flavor yet seemed so simple and clean.

They also bring hot and crusty French bread to the table for you to break yourself and cover in real butter. So, I mean, what could be better. Another delicious, highly recommended Chicago restaurant.



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