Day 186: Travel Time

7:35pm Ok. The hubs and I are in a black car–we are splurging because its our anniversary–and we are headed to O’Hare. The trip is finally here!

And I’ve been a ball of stress all day because I hate flying. It makes me veeeery anxious. The hubs and I planned for an overnight flight with the hope that working all day will help me sleep on the flight. Then I wake up and we are there, ready to start the day. If this back fires, however, he’s going to be dealing with one cranky, tired lady tomorrow.

I’m writing now to try and make the whole airport experience a positive one instead of a stressful one. More to come after we’ve gone through security.

8:15pm Well that didn’t take long! We are already at the gate. Security was uneventful. We even skipped the moving sidewalk in favor of walking “the long way” and we are still here early. I’m going to call my parents and start a new book and do my best not to think about flying. So far this has been pretty fun. I just have to keep thinking about the reward at the end of the flight!

Year of Fun travel blog coming soon.



One thought on “Day 186: Travel Time

  1. Susan says:

    Can’t wait for your next comment:)

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