Day 193: Cafe Moderne

The tour d’Europe continues and so do my posts about food. We got to Paris this evening around 6pm and, in true Parisian style, left for dinner around 8pm. We found Cafe Moderne online through Trip Advisor/Google and we both feel very lucky for that.

A friendly staff greeted us in French and I did my best to make table decisions and answer questions in French. However, when the waitress came to ask us if we had questions about the menu, I froze a little. When she asked if we wanted to speak English, I was relieved. (So was the hubs who was totally left out otherwise). She explained that they do just few things with meats (tartare=raw, boulettes=meatballs, and burgers). I decided on the salmon and dill meatballs with the mushroom sauce and creamy polenta. The hubs had the Dehli Burger, a tandoori chicken burger with peppers and raita (yogurt/cucumber sauce) and frites.

Let me tell you; this food was AMAZING. And not at all pricey. The atmosphere was very cool but relaxed. It was a great introduction to Paris, Parisians, and French food.


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