Day 234: Walk Eve, Lululemon

Recently I’ve been posting about how crazy things have been at work. Well because I have been working a lot, I was able to take today off. I treated myself to a new phone case from Anthropologie and a first trip to Lululemon. Really, my first time in their store. I’ve only heard about their amazing fabrics and cute styles. Today I decided that I needed a new pair of athletic capris/pants for the Arthritis Walk TOMORROW. (Woo hoo!)

At first, I was a little intimidated. Everyone in the store-both working and shopping-obviously either runs or does yoga, or maybe both, every day. There are a lot of different styles and fabrics and the sizing is a little different. The first two pairs of capris I tried on made me feel lumpy and out of shape. But then two employees approached me to help. They were so nice and really interested in the walk. They assured me that I was choosing the right size and pointed me toward some more relaxed fabrics better suited to an activity like walking. After that, I started to fall in love. Everything in the store is soft and cute and comes in fun colors.

By the time I left, I had told both employees all about the arthritis walk and restrained myself from spending too much money. They wished me luck on my way out, and I never felt better about buying expensive athletic gear. Yes gear, because I got pants and a super cute tank.


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