Day 241: Crafts!

Memorial Day weekend! Ever since I started dating the hubs, I’ve been going to The Cottage–a friend’s mother’s lakeside cottage in Grand Haven, MI–for Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day. This year we drove up on Thursday afternoon to make the most of our long weekend.

Because we generally go to The Cottage on holidays, the group is never the same. This Memorial Day two new friends came who had never been before. One, Allison, in true art teacher form, brought a craft for us to complete as a group. She had an impressive craft box full of paper, glitter, beads, twine, glue, scissors, and other fun stuff.


Then she taught us to make origami boxes. That’s pretty cool. I’ve never made them before, but, the super fun part, she had us decorate the tops with different gold beads giving the boxes a fun, 80’s vibe. Here’s mine:

20130625-212904.jpgIt may sound kind of weird to do a group craft project with your friends on a long weekend, but it was really fun. Everyone just did it, no complaints. And everyone had fun.



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