Day 282: Functional Strength

On Day 282, I learned that if you get dizzy while you spin, it means that you are improving your balance. I also learned that if you shake your joints, you not only boost your metabolism but also your bone density. And I learned these things in a class at my gym that was full of people who were probably at least 20 years older than I, if not more.

The class was called Functional Strength and Fitness. It seemed like maybe it was a step below gentle yoga in terms of its goals and difficulty level. First I made friends with two elderly people outside waiting for the class to start. They assured it me it was a good class. We spent the first half hour standing doing various balancing activities and stretches (and shaking and spinning). Then, for the latter half of the class we were on mats on the floor working different muscles. It really was a good class. I did not really feel like I had worked out, but I did feel like I was more aligned and had better energy than when I walked in. I would love to use this a substitute for yoga (which has become increasingly difficult for me) if I can keep my schedule clear on Wednesday mornings (the only time this class is offered at my gym). If not, I will just have to shake and spin as much as I can on my own time!



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