Day 284: Llama

I just spent the last hour reading about llamas. True. Llamas. Apparently they are becoming much more popular as pets. Except people start with two or three and end up with 20 or more because of how loving, social, curious and adorable these creatures are. People sheer them for the wool, sure, but they also show them. Apparently there is a whole llama breeding and show circuit very similar to dogs. I’ve also been reading about their use as therapy animals for people with mental and physical disabilities. Their infectious personalities and humorous (yet super cute) appearances make people smile. And they seem to be intuitive to human need in the same way as dogs. One lady wrote about taking three of her llamas to meet some children with special needs. One llama went right over to a boy in a wheelchair and laid its head in his lap. My heart immediately melted and of course now I am investigating how much land one needs to own a llama or two. And look at the babies!



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