Day 305, 306 & 307: An Iowa Weekend

Day 305
The hubs and I drove to Iowa with a car FULL of garage sale items. I mean it was packed. The entire trunk and back seat up to the ceiling held old blankets, extra pots and pans, and clothes. Oh, the clothes.

Day 306
I might have written about this before, but I love a good garage sale. The early morning rush, the continued merchandising, slashing prices, doughnuts, and sitting around all morning with my sister chatting it up. The. Best.

Also, the hubs and brought our bikes and, after the garage sale, rode the Greenbelt path from Madcreek to the highway.

Day 307
On the way back to Chicago, we made a detour to see my grandmother to discuss our upcoming birthday. OK our birthday is in January but it is on the same day and it is a big birthday (30 and 90!) so we have some planning to do.

We also did a quick stop in Iowa City so I could show the hubs all the cool places I used to go in high school after I was allowed to drive out of town. A fun Iowa day-and weekend-for sure.


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