Day 340: Just Something About a Swing

Just to prep you, this might be the most fun thing not only of the Year of Fun, but also ever.

The neighbor of the cottage in Michigan suggested we go find this rope swing that lives in the woods not too far off the road. Some children visited us today so we thought that might be the best time to look. Two children and four adults easily found the swings (there are two!) at the top of large sand/dirt hill hanging from a very sturdy tree. The climb up the hill was strenuous enough to leave my legs feeling achey (or maybe that was the fishing trip on choppy waters we took this morning–no fish, but also no barf so it was fun). Once we got to the top everyone tried the swing.

At first, I was a little nervous. It seemed like the swing required a lot of arm strength to hold yourself up. However, once the 2 and 4 year olds started doing it by finding a way to sit on one of the knots rather than stand, I knew I had to try. Because the swing goes out over the steep hill, I felt like I was very far off the ground. Yet that did not bother me. I was more caught up in what an amazing stress reliever it was. Everyone who tried it, let out of yell of joy (maybe some terror). I am certainly taking the hubs and friends (who arrived a little too late) every day for the rest of the weekend. I mean, these pictures say it all.






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