Day 356: Spiritual Awakening Part 2

Today team spiritual tried Second Unitarian Universalist otherwise known as 2U. At this service, the whole team felt more inclined to participate. We sang the songs and read aloud the covenant and other responses in the program. Perhaps Bodhi broke the ice and now we are ready to be active church-goers?

After the service, we trekked up to Uncommon Ground on Devon for a brunch debrief. Brunch is one of the best parts of this journey. We discuss the elements we liked and disliked from the service. We articulate and re-articulate what we are each looking for. We challenge each other on our beliefs. All while eating runny eggs and seasoned potatoes. It’s quickly becoming a favorite Sunday ritual.

Oh, I forgot to Instagram my second church outfit but it was pretty good–jeans, three-quarter sleeve cream blouse (yes, this was a blouse-there is no better word to describe it) with a navy, tweed blazer and a chartreuse, patterned scarf.

I don’t not even want to talk about the Giants game.

Church, brunch, football–best Sunday.


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