Day 2: Bananagrams!

Today marked the start of a particularly busy period at work and a shift to longer days. This will last about 6 weeks before another slow period and I’m definitely worried about getting burned out. But today was just the first day, a day to get back in to the routine and celebrate the future bump in my bank account. If only the transition could have been so easy. My day was busy, hectic at times, full of nonstop calls, last minute projects and stress. I forgot to drink water, barely ate and had a headache by 3:00pm. By the time I pulled on to Lake Shore Drive, I was smack in the middle of an 8:00pm traffic jam. Needless to say I was a little grumpy when I got home, not to mention hungry and exhausted.

However, I love games. After reheating some Thai food and downing a glass of water, my husband and I got out an old favorite, Bananagrams! (Which I’m convinced you must always say and spell with an !)

TV off, cellphones down, we sat at our dinning table and played an intense game that came down to the last tile. I won. And it was really really fun.



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