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Day 363: PeeWee

Today the hubs and I watched our 9 year old nephew Nathan play tackle football! He is on the Steelers in a 10-12 league (he’ll be 10 in a little under two months) at the local park district. I have never seen children this young play tackle football and it was so fun. They have a major running game because they can’t really throw that well at this point–though the times they did pass the ball were super exciting. They line up and try to cover their man but eventually everyone kinds of runs after whoever has the ball. It was fun, competitive and, yes, adorable. And they won!




Day 342: Tennis

Labor Day weekend continues to bring new experiences. Today I played tennis for the first time in a looooooong time.

I took lessons as a youngin (all summer, right after golf) but considering the changes in my physical ability, if anything stuck, it was not obvious. The hubs and I volleyed with our friends for a while. I really enjoyed trying to predict where the ball would go, where I should stand and where (on the racket) to hit the ball. I even enjoyed the small amount of running involved, though I also appreciated playing as doubles. I don’t think I would be able to sprint around as much as one does in a singles game. Here I am looking all sporty.

After our volleys, the hubs and one of our friends played a set. These two dudes have been pretty in to tennis for a few months now and are getting good. I think I could help the hubs continue to train, if only as someone to hit wild, unpredictable balls for him to chase.

Day 339: Freeze

Tonight I found myself under two strands of twinkle lights playing freeze, an improv game I haven’t played since high school. It’s Labor Day weekend, so naturally I am in Michigan. I came early, because why not. The hubs and other friends come tomorrow night so our rad hosts (of Emily Alt Photography if you’re not reading her blog, well, I don’t know why you’re not so go read it after you finish this one for gorgeous photos, cool ideas and Michigan love) and I decided freeze was the way to spend our time.

Here is how to play: two people start a scene about anything. At any point during the scene other players (or in this case player) can say, “freeze.” The action stops and the player who called freeze takes the exact pose of one of the people, removing that person from the scene. They must then start a new scene using that body language. A super basic theatre game that we had excellent fun with, even though I was a little shy to start. I highly recommend it for your Labor Day gathering.

Also this:


Day 324: Monopoly

Ok. There aren’t that many days left in the Year. And while the summer has thrown my entire game off–byebye consistency–I am pledging to move forward with a post a day as well as catch up with the back log. So, if you get these in email, they might come a little out of order at times BUT they will be in order on the website. I know mostly for me it is important to do the fun but it doesn’t feel right to leave the written year incomplete.

So today. Tonight. The hubs and I made use of what we thought was originally an ill-advised app purchase. $6.99 for Monopoly on the iPad. And we both bought it. So we could play one group game with our friend Parvesh in Sun Valley. We thought we would probably never use it again until tonight when we needed some veg time. Two people, two iPads and $13.98 worth of app monopoly. It was actually super fun and interactive. Until I had to resign.

Day 292: The Renewals

What can I say about the renewals? Our friends got married five years ago, when neither of us knew them, on a beach in Michigan. They’ve taken a lot of adventures since then, including a few months in Asia, a move to Chicago, a bike trip down the California coast and, most recently, starting their own business and purchasing land in northern Michigan. It was on this beautiful land that we celebrated their five years of marriage with tons of people who love them. The hubs and I love having Emily and Ian in our lives and can’t wait to see what this next adventure has in store for them! Much love.







IMG_3002 IMG_3009 IMG_3011 IMG_3021









































































If that doesn’t look and sound fun enough, Emily also organized a northern Michigan Instagram scavenger hunt called the M22 Olympics. So fun. Like whoa.

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