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Year of Fun is Back!

Hi Hi Hi! It has been a looooong 6 months since the Year of Fun ended on September 24, 2013. I think I needed that time to recover. Seriously. It was such an undertaking, but now Year of Fun is back complete with a necessary makeover! Check her out.

People kept asking me if Year of Fun would continue beyond the original year. My answer was always “Yes.” I was just never sure what that looked like. Finally, I figured it out. It’s a–and I’m not sure how I feel about this term–“lifestyle blog.” Really, that just means I’m going to keep blogging about FUN and how it fits into my life. That will most likely take the shape of new home ownership, adoption, stuff I like, travel and staying active with RA. Over these long winter months, I’ve been working a TON. The hubs and I bought a house! Future location here: Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAnd our home study was officially approved! We’ve been spending as much time as possible with this little lady:photo-3

And these young men:


And, of course, I’ve been plotting this return to the interwebs. As always, let me know if you have any fun things you think I should try. Otherwise, I’ll hope you’ll come back for more in the coming days/weeks (not day. There will not be posts every day).

Year of Fun is on Facebook and Instagram (@sarahmslight) You can even check out our online adoption profile on the header at the top of this page.


Day 353: Reconciliation

As you know, I’ve been doing the books for Emily Alt Photography and today I reached a pretty exciting milestone for the company. I reconciled.

I know, right? Everything from their bank account and credit card from the time the company officially began in March 2013 to now is accounted for. Pretty cool.

Did I mentioned people used to call me pre-calculus in high school because I’m such a nerd?

Day 347: Nancy the Accountant

In my role at Emily Alt Photography, I am working with their amazing accountant Nancy who is teaching me how to use Quickbooks. When I say “amazing accountant,” I mean so, oh-my-gosh-darn, super dee duper, fantastic, fun, crazy smart amazing. She is also so encouraging and supportive of me in this new role. I can’t imagine what it would be like if she was just exasperated with everything I don’t know. (I should probably add patient to her amazing list). She makes me feels confident and competent. What a great teacher! What a great phone call we had today!

Day 337: Draft Day

First fantasy football draft. Check.

Tonight, friends from many different parts of my life (family, high school, old job, grad school, etc) convened online to form the fantasy football league, Slama. Ten people took just under one hour to draft all 15 rounds of players. I’m pretty happy with my team, though I did get a little stressed out since I had last pick (though that did mean I went twice in row each time, which was pretty useful).

Here’s the team. Thoughts?

Elphaba’s Revenge

QB- Peyton Manning
WR- AJ Green
WR- Hakeem Nicks
WR- Eric Decker
RB- Trent Richardson
RB- Chris Johnson
TE- Tony Gonzalez
K- Josh Brown
Defense- Cincinnati
Bench- David Wilson (RB), Mike Williams (WR), DeAndre Hopkins (WR), Josh Gordon (WR), Alex Smith (QB), Daryl Richardson (RB)


Day 335: Face Palm

I was thinking of writing about the VMAs (NSYNC reunion heeeeeey) but they were just so off the wall (Miley Cyrus) that I can’t. Instead I thought I would take a second to acknowledge that I have been doing a lot of back posting to account for the days I missed this summer. I think I’ve said this before but it is still a goal of mine to finish all the days before the year is up. Today I was able to post three additional entires, a small dent in the list of old drafts but a dent nonetheless. With 31 days to go (one month-that’s crazy) I’ll need to devote some serious time to blogging, but I’ve got a long weekend of beach time ahead of me so, for you email subscribers out there, look out.

Also, with so many old posts to write, I’m feeling a lot this.


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