Day 337: Draft Day

First fantasy football draft. Check.

Tonight, friends from many different parts of my life (family, high school, old job, grad school, etc) convened online to form the fantasy football league, Slama. Ten people took just under one hour to draft all 15 rounds of players. I’m pretty happy with my team, though I did get a little stressed out since I had last pick (though that did mean I went twice in row each time, which was pretty useful).

Here’s the team. Thoughts?

Elphaba’s Revenge

QB- Peyton Manning
WR- AJ Green
WR- Hakeem Nicks
WR- Eric Decker
RB- Trent Richardson
RB- Chris Johnson
TE- Tony Gonzalez
K- Josh Brown
Defense- Cincinnati
Bench- David Wilson (RB), Mike Williams (WR), DeAndre Hopkins (WR), Josh Gordon (WR), Alex Smith (QB), Daryl Richardson (RB)



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