Day 336: Arbonne

At the last minute, my co-worker Elizabeth had some extra space at an Arbonne party she was hosting, so she invited me. I did not really know much about Arbonne (I mean except that it is “good” face products) but I am so glad I do now.

I absolutely love everything I learned about the products–from the all natural ingredients to the animal testing policy (no testing on animals). Every product we tried smelled lovely and, even better, felt amazing on my skin. Recently, I have been on a crusade to rid my bathroom of antibacterial soaps because they kill all of the good bacteria (and I can’t afford to lose any of those). On NPR, I heard a story about how those same antibacterial ingredients are found in many face and body lotions, shampoos, deodorant and toothpastes (yes toothpaste!). I checked all of my labels at home and found them in many of the my other products. Arbonne sells all of these products (and more) yet all comply to same high standards they set for their make up and face lotions. They have even branched out into the world of supplements and juices–we did not even have time to go there at this party.

So….I’m super hooked. The only downside is it is a little pricey, so I’m starting with a facial care system and will move on from there…check them out.

Also, it was really fun hanging out with some of my co-workers outside of work. I am super glad I went!


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