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Day 365: Wow

Here we are. Day 365. I’m getting it in just under the wire. What a good, relaxing day I’ve had.

I started out doing some work from home, looking out at the alley view I wrote about on Day 3. Then I took a three mile walk (Day 235) with Elphie (Day 18)! We went to sit by the lake (Day 21) for a minute or two before heading back home (Day 93). Then I may have done a little online shopping (Day 28), reading (Day 112) and adoption paperwork (Day 348) before the hubs (Day 175) came home from work. Then we got ready and went out for a little celebration at Lady Gregory’s (Day 27) with friends (Day 172).

I added all these post links in to show that in one day, I have done at least 11 things that I consider fun. (And this doesn’t even include all of the Instagraming that happened tonight). As I continue to reflect on the year, I realize that this is one of the best things to come out of it–both appreciating all the good, and yes fun, in things I already do and going out of my way to ensure each day includes something fun. It has been an amazing year of highs and lows (mostly highs) and I cannot wait to see how this blog, these activities, and the support of amazing people continue to impact my life.

It was suggested to me this evening that I change the name of the blog to “Life of Fun.” That’s a good idea because that is how I intend to live. I hope, at the very least, I have made some people smile or laugh. I hope some have seen the best in their lives. I hope that maybe a few who also suffer from some kind of disease have found comfort in our shared experience. And maybe just a couple of people have found inspiration here. If not, then at least I helped myself by becoming proactive about my struggles.

Thank you thank you to everyone who reads this. Every comment, text, Facebook post or like. Every follow. It has meant something to me. Thank you. To my friends who tonight shared with me their favorite posts from throughout the year–I can’t believe you all remember posts that far back! Thank you. To far away friends who have been just as supportive as local ones. Thank you. A special thank you to to Emily who has been such vocal advocate of my continuing on this journey. Thank you. To my family for their unyielding love and open encouragement. Thank you. A special thank you to my mom for printing every post and putting it in a binder for my grandmother to read since she does not have a computer. Thank you. To the hubs, who has not minded when I put anything and everything on the internet, who has cared for me in my worst time and who has constantly encouraged me and reminded what doing a Year of Fun is all about. Thank you.

My gosh. Now I’m getting sad. The Year is over, but the blog and fun continues. Here are some pics from throughout the day and dinner with celebratory people!




Also, the hubs made this amazing poster with the text from the “What is a Year of Fun?” post and pictures from special moments throughout the year. It has found a home in our hallway. I love it! 20130925-000839.jpg





Day 360: Giuliana & Bill Night

It is my last methotrexate day before the Year is over. Even though I’m going to keep taking it and continue blogging, it feels monumental in some ways. I thought it only fitting to watch a little Giuliana & Bill, since they inspired me to begin this journey.

Ever since I watched that marathon of old episodes one year ago, I’ve recorded any new episodes to see if they will continue to inspire me (truth, they have). This week the finale of the sixth season aired. I watched the last two episodes of the season tonight in my methotrexate sleepiness on the couch. In the penultimate episode, Giuliana has to take a blood test to make sure her breast cancer has not returned. After she gets the good news that it has not, she starts talking about how nervous she feels about taking tests and getting the results. Something she said really stuck out to me. “When you go through something like this, you feel like your body has turned against you and maybe something else is wrong too.”

I feel that way a lot. A stomach pain could be appendicitis. A headache could be a tumor. When I was 12, a hairline fracture was Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis. It can be a very hard mental place to occupy. No, I’m not struggling with cancer, so I recognize that things for Giuliana could have been much bleaker. Yet I understand the feeling that your body has turned on you. Even taking methotrexate–I know it is the medicine that makes me feel this way, yet I can’t help but also blame the disease and, thus, my body, for the tired, the ill, the absent mindedness. This blog has helped me deal with these kinds of thoughts and brought me a lot of joy alongside a lot of peace. I know it isn’t time to get sappy yet–five more days–but I don’t know how I will ever be able to thank the people that read this and offer up their support, especially one year ago when I needed it most. Thank. You.

Day 359: Nick at Night

When I was a kid, I watched I Love Lucy, The Dick Van Dyke Show and Bewitched on Nick at Night. I loved those shows because of how old they seemed. It never occurred to me that some day I would be watching contemporary shows I liked on Nick at Night as an adult. Yet, almost every night (around this time when I’m writing blog posts) I turn on the TV for some background noise and what do I discover? Friends and Full House on Nick at Night.

Now, I love Friends. I could watch it non-stop all day, any season. As a child, I felt the same way about Full House. But, let me tell you, Full House is actually terrible. The hubs had to leave the room because he could not take the writing, long pauses and after-school-special tone. Is this what all my childhood shows were like? Did my parents hate watching them? Will I hate watching shows my kids think are good? Will I suffer through them because I think my child is learning something? I don’t know, but, at this moment, I am strangely entranced by the shiny teenage angst of DJ, the know-it-all sass of Stephanie and cheeky cuteness of Michelle. Please send help.

Day 354: FNL

Confession: I watched Friday Night Lights on Friday night until about 3am Saturday morning. What?

I started watching this show almost a year ago with the hubs. We have so many friends who are so into it but we just did not understand the hype. We gave up. Then, last week, I started watching again. I got through a few more “rough” episodes until a very particular Smash episode totally hooked me. I’ve been watching frequently, but Day 354 took the cake. I just couldn’t stop. If you aren’t watching it, give it 10 episodes before you make your final decision. You will not regret it!

Smash, Jason, Lyla, Tyra, Matt, Julie, Landry, Coach Taylor, Buddy, Tim Riggins and that little kids who worships Tim Riggins are all great, but Tammy Taylor is my everything. Love. Her.

Day 351: Kinfolk

If you don’t know, Kinfolk is a beautiful magazine that focuses on “discovering new things to cook, make and do.” Emily (of Emily Alt Photography) turned me on to it, even gifting me a subscription as a thank you for the work I do for her (too nice and totally not necessary but I’ll take it!).

Beautiful really is the right word for it. All the pictures are lovely. The layout is simple and pretty. And the stories are funny, sweet and varied. Volume Nine is out today-I’m going to savor every moment of relaxation with this lovely gal.


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