Day 348: More Big News!

The hubs and I have an announcement: we have decided to grow our family through adoption.

We have many reasons for this and some of them have to do with RA. First, though I want to say this path has called to me. From a young age, I have felt passionate about adoption as a way to help women and children in need. It also happens that having RA can cause difficulties getting pregnant, staying pregnant and, more commonly, staying healthy and pain-free throughout and following pregnancy.

The hubs and I went through the process of going off of methotrexate and waiting until it was safe to try (3 cycles methotrexate free). However after just a few months more, we reached a point where I felt like I was heading back to the bad physical place of last summer. We made the decision to go back on methotrexate.

During this period, we also went to an info session at an adoption agency and consulted friends who have adopted. We talked at length about why we want children and if those reasons had anything to do with genetics. We found that while we were naturally interested to see what a child that is the biological product of the two of us looks like, many of the other reasons had nothing to do with biology. After our August roadtrip, we reached out to the agency to begin the process.

I thought a lot about blogging about the pregnancy process with RA as we experienced it, however I also wanted to keep it private so as not to put too much pressure. It is an important issue for young women with RA and one that I am open to discussing now. I just couldn’t let myself get back to what I call “the bad place.” It’s where the motivation to run came from, the motivation to eat well, and the initial motivation to open up on this blog. And it was enough motivation to last a lifetime-no need to experience it again.

Now I am excited to share our adoption journey. Much much more on this to come!


One thought on “Day 348: More Big News!

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