Day 349: Spiritual Awakening?

Some of my friends, the hubs and I are on a quest of the spiritual nature. We, like many urban 30 somethings (ok I’m still in my 20s but am almost there), have an urge to “find” ourselves post quarter-life crisis. We hope to educate ourselves about the historic religions and find nondenominational, spiritual guidance and community. And perhaps an opportunity to serve the community in some way.

As a group, we’ve identified a few places to “try.” Today it was Bodhi in Lincoln Park. I don’t really want to go into too much detail on the pros and cons simply because they are so specific to me. I feel strongly that I can only say for myself whether one place is “better” than another. But what I can say is that the biggest impression I got from Bodhi is how open a community they are. We instantly felt welcomed and accepted.

Next week it’s down to Boystown for a service at the Second Unitarian Church. If you have any suggestions for other places for us to check out in Chicago, let me know!

Also Sunday was a full day-from church to brunch to Cubs to watch Giants v Cowboys at home (I do NOT want to talk about this game). It was so busy I wore three different outfits! So I thought instagramming three #ootds would be a good way to chronicle the day. Here they are: I am sure you can tell which is which (so fun!)





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