Day 172: Guest Blog

I’m at a close gathering of friends, among these good friends are the dads with a new baby but we are still hanging like its normal fun times while the baby swings and sleeps. Here’s what the friends have to say:

I love that there is a baby in a swing and we are all having family good times with that baby in the room. Love, Uncle Danny

Emily sings vibrato. Wolves sing emotional charged howls. Ian sings energy. Baby boy sings hope. I sing gratitude. Love Father Chad

Dub Step. Or is it Dob Step? House or drum and bass? Bass (as in the fish with gills) or bass (do you like bass? All your base are belong to us). They are writing the blog now. This is the time to hang out and drink. All your bass are belong to us. We are hanging out. This is our St. Patrick’s Day. Love, Emily.

I went to raves can we be clear. He went to like a rave. Earn it. Dream it. Love it. Spice. John said no. Imam the black model. He is a 3 or 4 on the Kinsey scale. Kinsey autocorrect I need you to run a couple errands for me. But chad I mean come on what kind of raves were these. I was in the desert with the spirit and the heart and the souls and then in 83 he was a closet heterosexual. The dark matter and the fractal is what is important. All of you are talking about partnering with a man or woman it’s because I’m a dad now and women have a deep sexual understanding. You are using the word choose. Doob step. Peter Pan. Rick cool guy. Rick cool juice.

So, there’s so much being talked about, but I love my friends and we talk about any and everything. And anyone that can’t handle it you know where to go!
B Money

Do you remember the 21st night of September?
Love was changing the minds of pretenders
While chasing the clouds away

Our hearts were ringing

Omg. I love my friends. And I’m sorry if this makes no sense.


One thought on “Day 172: Guest Blog

  1. […] I started out doing some work from home, looking out at the alley view I wrote about on Day 3. Then I took a three mile walk (Day 235) with Elphie (Day 18)! We went to sit by the lake (Day 21) for a minute or two before heading back home (Day 93). Then I may have done a little online shopping (Day 28), reading (Day 112) and adoption paperwork (Day 348) before the hubs (Day 175) came home from work. Then we got ready and went out for a little celebration at Lady Gregory’s (Day 27) with friends (Day 172). […]

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