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Day 328: Sunday in the Park

How many times have I used this title??

As a supplement to the hubs’ birthday celebration, we gathered the friends we could in Winnemac Park with kids, dogs, snacks and sporting equipment for an afternoon of fun and relaxation. Lounging around on blankets, I won’t even tell you how many Sunday in the Park With George jokes there were. But it really was lovely to be able to casually enjoy the day with so many of our friends with kids who we don’t see as much. A lot of fun. Especially since I was holding different babies the whole time.






Day 270: Dog Guest

Tonight Elphie has a sleepover pal. Sadly, friends have to travel for the unexpected loss of a beloved relative. When they asked if we could watch their dog, Harley, for the weekend, we of course said yes.

Harley is a chocolate lab/beagle mix. Basically he looks like a lab in beagle size and it’s totally adorable. He and Elphie like each other and play well together, though sometimes it looks very bitey and they often end up covered in each other’s saliva.



Day 190: Chocolate and French Fries

We took it easy today, choosing mostly to indulge in some of Belgium’s finest treats, mainly chocolate and frites. First, I had a chocolate chaud (hot chocolate) that was basically just melted chocolate in a cup.


Second, we stopped at a chocolatier and learned all about the different kinds of chocolate from a lovely lady. She gave us some samples so we bought a box of 24 different chocolates that she hand picked for us.


Third, we took the train east in search of the “best fries in the world.” Maison Antoin came highly recommended both from online sources and from my rheumatologist whose daughter lived for a time in Belgium. They were pretty darn good, maybe the best ever. Potato-y and crispy with many sauce choices (we went for mayo and curry ketchup). Delicious.




Day 184: Packing Challenge

Ever since we decided to go to multiple cities in Europe for our anniversary trip, I have been talking a big talk about “traveling light.” I’m big on packing. I love to be organized. I love thinking about what I’ll wear, on what day and why. I like going over my morning routine in my head, mentally checking off the list of toiletries and beautification products I need. Usually this results in quite a lot of stuff for trips.

The packing challenge of 2013-to do 10 nights in Europe with only a carry on suitcase-requires the same level of detail with a twist. What can I go without? What can I wear (gasp) more than once (if not multiple times)?

The answer, by the way, is layers; more tanks or tees, less long-sleeve collar shirts, and very few (maybe two) sweaters. I’m also bringing one dress, one nice shirt, one extra pair of jeans and the “bare minimum” version of that morning routine. I am proud of this. I’ll be one of those travelers with just the bag they need. No excess. No mess. I’m packed. I’m ready to go. I’m thrilled!




Day 177: Mail Gift

This is not what I thought my fun thing would be today but I got a surprise package in the mail! A gift from a dear friend FOR this blog.


It’s a photo album for pictures from the upcoming trip because, as her note says, “who does that anymore?” I do! Now. Thanks friend!

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