Day 190: Chocolate and French Fries

We took it easy today, choosing mostly to indulge in some of Belgium’s finest treats, mainly chocolate and frites. First, I had a chocolate chaud (hot chocolate) that was basically just melted chocolate in a cup.


Second, we stopped at a chocolatier and learned all about the different kinds of chocolate from a lovely lady. She gave us some samples so we bought a box of 24 different chocolates that she hand picked for us.


Third, we took the train east in search of the “best fries in the world.” Maison Antoin came highly recommended both from online sources and from my rheumatologist whose daughter lived for a time in Belgium. They were pretty darn good, maybe the best ever. Potato-y and crispy with many sauce choices (we went for mayo and curry ketchup). Delicious.





One thought on “Day 190: Chocolate and French Fries

  1. Robin Edwards says:

    You are bringing back grand memories of living in Belgium!!!!! YUM! You both look great! Love Fred and Robin

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