Day 189: Belgian Beer Tour

Day 189’s post is so late because of Day 189’s activity; a self-designed beer tour.

When searching online for activities in Brussels, the hubs and I came across a highly recommended beer tour. Unfortunately it was totally booked up for the days we planed to be here. This led to us designing our own tour that started at the Manneken Pis, the famous fountain featuring a little boy peeing. We ducked in to a bar appropriate called Taverne Manneken Pis. Here we Vedette, a white, and Maredsous, a blond, recommended by the really nice bartender.

From here we embarked on our planned tour.

1. Moeder Lambic
Probably our favorite spot of the day, Moeder Lambic was very chill and cool. The exposed brick and chalkboard walls made us feel a little bit like we were in Chicago, but the beers were definitely Belgian. Our waiter put together a flight for each of us that included four small tastes of different beers. The hubs had Gueuze Cantillon, Magma (super mouth explosion goodness), Adelardus Triple, and Guldenberg. Mine–Monk’s Stout, IV Saison, Vouleir Blond, and Adelardus Brune. Because we were at Lambic, we also tried a Framboise but it was much more tart than the stuff that comes in bottles to the U.S.

2. Delices et Caprices
A highly recommended shop that was closed for Easter Monday. (Apparently this is like a bank holiday in Europe. Most of the shops and all of the museums were closed for Easter Monday).

3. La Mort Subite
Another Lambic cafe, La Mort Subite had an old school vibe and an older clientele. We had Lambic White and Faro and some bread and cheese. When we ordered the cheese, we had no idea how much was going to show up. We ended up sharing it with the family sitting at the next table because we couldn’t finish.

4. Delirium
Delirium was high on the hubs’ list of places to go in Belgium. It was huge, loud and packed! We had Delirium Tremens and Nocturnum–both of us preferred the Tremens. Here, we busted out playing cards and immediately made friends with some students from Belgium, France and Russia. They wanted to teach us a drinking game they called “Ring of Fire,” but we soon figured out it was the same as popular drinking game in colleges in the U.S. called Circle of Death. We played anyway, but by the time the game was over, the hubs and I were exhausted. We went to our hotel and straight to sleep.

We had so much fun going from place to place, trying new beers and making friends. It was worth today’s headache and slow start.









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