Day 354: FNL

Confession: I watched Friday Night Lights on Friday night until about 3am Saturday morning. What?

I started watching this show almost a year ago with the hubs. We have so many friends who are so into it but we just did not understand the hype. We gave up. Then, last week, I started watching again. I got through a few more “rough” episodes until a very particular Smash episode totally hooked me. I’ve been watching frequently, but Day 354 took the cake. I just couldn’t stop. If you aren’t watching it, give it 10 episodes before you make your final decision. You will not regret it!

Smash, Jason, Lyla, Tyra, Matt, Julie, Landry, Coach Taylor, Buddy, Tim Riggins and that little kids who worships Tim Riggins are all great, but Tammy Taylor is my everything. Love. Her.


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