Day 112: Ah, Reading

Guilty Pleasure Monday was just that today. I relaxed, did some online shopping, some casual cleaning and, when I’m done writing this, I will watch the latest episode of Downton Abbey.

The most relaxing thing about today so far, though, has been reading. I do enjoy reading for pleasure but don’t often make it a priority. One might think that, as someone, who often has to spend a lot of time resting, that I read all the time. Unfortunately, one would be wrong. But I’m turning it around-we have our first book club meeting in a few weeks and I’ve already finished the book!

When I first joined the book club, I thought the goal of reading one book per month might be lofty for me as I tend to take a slower pace (I’ve been reading the five Game of Thrones books for almost a year now). Yet, as soon as I finished the book for this month, I found myself yearning for another. Thankfully, my friend gave me a book she thought I would like, Wolf Hall. I’ve only just started this historical drama about Henry VIII told from Thomas Cromwell’s point of view, but I already love the language. There’s just nothing like curling up in a warm blanket on a big couch with a good book.




One thought on “Day 112: Ah, Reading

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