Day 21: Photoshoot

I realize that today is supposed to be Guilty Pleasure Monday, however my little family and I did something so fun I did not need a guilty pleasure. We had a photo shoot with our friend, Emily, who, aside from being a very busy Chicago Public School teacher, has a photography business.

She does these Mini Shoots where, for a great price, you get 20 minutes and 40 shots with fully edited digital prints. It’s a great way to get some high quality pictures without a major time or monetary commitment. Now, my husband and I have been in front of the camera a lot recently having two wedding events but we don’t have a lot of casual photos. We have hardly any photos of us with our dog, and I’ve been feeling and moving a lot better. So when I saw Emily had some time slots open, I knew we needed to take advantage of the opportunity.

The three of us (husband, dog, me) met Emily under the Bryn Mawr overpass and took a variety of shots on the path and by the lake. To say Elphie was excited would be an understatement. She was running erratically, sniffing everything and jumping at our photographer. But once she calmed down, we got what I think I can safely assume were playful, funny and endearing shots.

Emily’s talent for photography is very organic. She does not pose people (or animals) just captures their best moments by putting them in a natural setting and letting them be. Her pictures from our destination wedding include some of my most favorite and I’m always checking her blog for more adorable children and couples. We had a great time today and are looking forward to seeing the results!

For more info on Emily’s photography, visit



2 thoughts on “Day 21: Photoshoot

  1. emily says:

    Awww, thanks for the accolades! I’m processing your pictures right now and getting your blog post ready–all three of you look just fabulous, as per usual! Such a fun time!

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