Day 20: A Simple Phone Call

A few days ago, my Grandmother left me a voicemail while I was at work. She heard that I wasn’t feeling well and wanted to check on me. I loved getting that voicemail because she does not usually call me (I think she thinks it bothers me if I am busy?) Too often, I think she waits for me to call her and too often, I let too much time pass between our conversations. For example, this is day 20 of the blog and I have not talked to her since I started. Until today.

I love talking to my Grandma because she is just about the nicest most positive person. She always has something good to say about whatever situation I find myself in. On me complaining about working too many nights and weekends, “I know it’s rough but isn’t it nice to come home and your husband and your dog are there waiting for you? Beats an empty house!” On the sorry state if the Chicago Cubs, who she loves dearly, “It’s awful. I know it. But if they get some of those young guys in there and give them a few years, they’ll turn it around. We’ll see.” On my whole arthritis situation, “Boy I wish I had it instead of you, Sarah. You’re too young to have to deal with all that. That’s for Grandmas. But you do a good job and you’ve got good friends. I hear your husband does a great job too. And I love you.”

I never feel sad after talking to her, only bad that I don’t call or see her more. At 88, she lives in an apartment that is part of a care facility. Most of her immediate needs are met on the campus but she still maintains her own residence, car and independent lifestyle. She does not have a computer, cell phone or even an answering machine, by choice. She sends hand written letters, bakes cookies at Christmas and watches as many sporting events as she possibly can, rooting for Iowa if it’s college and Chicago if professional. She is also 60 years older than me to the day. I, her first grandchild, was born on her sixtieth birthday and I think it is one of the most interesting things about me. We plan to throw a big party when I turn 30 and she turns 90. It will be so big that, in her words, “we might even have booze.”

It was great to talk to her. I feel rejuvenated and ready for a new week. As I continue to do fun things, I find more activities that I want to incorporate more regularly in to my life. Calling my Grandmother every week just jumped right to the top of that list.

From my sister’s wedding, 9/10/11.



2 thoughts on “Day 20: A Simple Phone Call

  1. Heidi says:

    Your grandma is an amazing lady!!! 🙂

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