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Weekly Obsessions-April 22

I had an obsession-free week last week, or rather it was all work. But I’m back! And this week I am waaaaaaay into…

1. Comfy Summer Shoes

Like these Naturalizers that make me feel like a 23 year old in both activity and appearance:

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And these Grasshoppers.

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For real, it’s like walking a gel mat. My friend with psoriatic arthritis turned me on to this brand and, girl, THANK YOU. Chicago street fests, here I come.

2.  This Pendleton Notebook 

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I spied a set of three of these adorable journals months ago at Foursided, one of my favorite stores in Chicago and also the location of my new gig (more on this later). When I purchased them back in January, they were added to my “Empty Notebooks” shelf, but I took this one out this week because my personal life was feeling a bit disorganized. At work, I fill up notebook upon notebook with, well, notes and lists. They keep me on task at work, so I figured I should do the same at home. Between the adoption, listing the condo for sale and hosting a whole slew of people, things are getting pretty crazy round here and I need a beautiful place to keep it all running smoothly. #heritageblanketpatternskeepmesane

3. Tuesdays

Tuesdays are my new Saturdays and I’m loving it. With my new gig as a Friday-Sunday shop girl at Foursided (remember how I love this store so much that I went to it on one of my first YoF excursions?) and my regular gig at the theater Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, Tuesdays have become my day. I sleep in. I make a delicious breakfast and/or lunch. I organize my life in my Pendleton notebook. Yes, I occasionally succumb to doing neglected work for the theater. And sometimes I run house errands or go to the doctor, but mostly, I enjoy the sun streaming in through the kitchen windows, blog or write and catch up with the world. Tuesdays are my moment of zen in an over-scheduled, over-worked, kinda crazy week.

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What do ya’ll do to unwind on your day/days off? Provided you have them, right?

What’s with that anyway? Sometimes on a Tuesday, I’m like, “Why do we all work so hard and so much when sitting here in the sun, thinking or writing or talking to someone else is so satisfying?” Does all the work allow me to appreciate this moment more? Or does the fleeting nature of this moment make me resent how hard I work?

But them I’m like, “But I help make art happen. And I bring theater to kids who might not have it otherwise. And I cut out tons of little rain drops to make a cute window display for April.” And that’s cool.


Day 364: Ink

Remember when I said I had a bunch of fun cooked up for the last few days? Well, here is one bit of fun that is a pretty big deal.

20130923-213344.jpgYes. That is me, getting a tattoo. Now, I have one tattoo already, but I got it seven years ago and did not remember much about how getting a tattoo feels. I also thought about that tattoo for…hmmmm…about six years before I actually got it. This one was perhaps a little more impulsive. I’ve only been thinking about it for a couple of weeks. However, it will be a constant reminder of the journey I’ve been on for the past year. When I’m having a sad, slow or bad day, it will pick me up. When I’m having a great day, I’ll proudly show it off. When I’m 80, I’ll look at it and smile. And when I’m not feeling it, I’ll put on a bracelet or a watch. Here she is:

20130923-215449.jpgThanks to Julie for designing it. Sorry Mom and Dad.


Day 352: I’m Having Their Baby

My sister has turned me on to a show that could be difficult down the road, but for now, I am addicted. It’s called I’m Having Their Baby. You may have heard of it. I had but thought that it was about surrogacy from the title. Actually it’s about adoption.

Each episode follows two to three couples/birth mothers as they struggle to decide what to do with their babies. Many are already matched with adoptive parents, many are not. Most stories go through the birth to two months after birth. The show gives me an insight into how hard the decision is for birth patents, which is invaluable. Not only the struggle with placing their child for adoption but also the struggle with family and friends who do not agree with the decision.

It also will hopefully help me be cautious with my heart. Many of the matched birth mothers/couples end up deciding to parent right after birth or within a few days of birth. For adoptive parents, this means they have not only been off the adoption market while matched but also grown to love and expect a child at the end. Many are present for the birth, even hold and bond with the baby before being told they will not be taking the child home. I cannot even fathom what that is like, but our agency says 1 in 5 matched birth mothers/parents end up deciding to parent themselves.

It’s a hard road ahead and, for now, this show provides some insight and comfort. I think it is probably interesting for anyone, not just those of us hoping to start a family this way 🙂

Day 351: Kinfolk

If you don’t know, Kinfolk is a beautiful magazine that focuses on “discovering new things to cook, make and do.” Emily (of Emily Alt Photography) turned me on to it, even gifting me a subscription as a thank you for the work I do for her (too nice and totally not necessary but I’ll take it!).

Beautiful really is the right word for it. All the pictures are lovely. The layout is simple and pretty. And the stories are funny, sweet and varied. Volume Nine is out today-I’m going to savor every moment of relaxation with this lovely gal.


Day 315, 316, 317, & 318: Roadtrip Days 5-8

Here is the quick and dirty on the rest of the road trip. We had such a great time and were so tired at the end of it.

Day 315

Craters of the Moon, Tetons, and Yellowstone.



20130922-223529.jpgDay 316

Animal sightings (just a few) in the morning, Mt. Rushmore in the afternoon and a roadside hotel at night.




Day 317

Finishing the audio book and getting to Wisconsin and friends. Also, we slept in this Packers Room (gross).

Day 318

Back to Chicago and life but not before playing Candyland and “Big Baskets” with a fun little guy. But so good to be home to this face.


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