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Weekly Obsessions-April 22

I had an obsession-free week last week, or rather it was all work. But I’m back! And this week I am waaaaaaay into…

1. Comfy Summer Shoes

Like these Naturalizers that make me feel like a 23 year old in both activity and appearance:

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And these Grasshoppers.

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For real, it’s like walking a gel mat. My friend with psoriatic arthritis turned me on to this brand and, girl, THANK YOU. Chicago street fests, here I come.

2.  This Pendleton Notebook 

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I spied a set of three of these adorable journals months ago at Foursided, one of my favorite stores in Chicago and also the location of my new gig (more on this later). When I purchased them back in January, they were added to my “Empty Notebooks” shelf, but I took this one out this week because my personal life was feeling a bit disorganized. At work, I fill up notebook upon notebook with, well, notes and lists. They keep me on task at work, so I figured I should do the same at home. Between the adoption, listing the condo for sale and hosting a whole slew of people, things are getting pretty crazy round here and I need a beautiful place to keep it all running smoothly. #heritageblanketpatternskeepmesane

3. Tuesdays

Tuesdays are my new Saturdays and I’m loving it. With my new gig as a Friday-Sunday shop girl at Foursided (remember how I love this store so much that I went to it on one of my first YoF excursions?) and my regular gig at the theater Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, Tuesdays have become my day. I sleep in. I make a delicious breakfast and/or lunch. I organize my life in my Pendleton notebook. Yes, I occasionally succumb to doing neglected work for the theater. And sometimes I run house errands or go to the doctor, but mostly, I enjoy the sun streaming in through the kitchen windows, blog or write and catch up with the world. Tuesdays are my moment of zen in an over-scheduled, over-worked, kinda crazy week.

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What do ya’ll do to unwind on your day/days off? Provided you have them, right?

What’s with that anyway? Sometimes on a Tuesday, I’m like, “Why do we all work so hard and so much when sitting here in the sun, thinking or writing or talking to someone else is so satisfying?” Does all the work allow me to appreciate this moment more? Or does the fleeting nature of this moment make me resent how hard I work?

But them I’m like, “But I help make art happen. And I bring theater to kids who might not have it otherwise. And I cut out tons of little rain drops to make a cute window display for April.” And that’s cool.


Oil Pulling Follow Up

I had a few people text/email me about oil pulling after I posted about it, so I thought I would find a good article with tips and pointers about it to share. I was reading this article from Wellness Mama, when some celebrity/fashion news show on E (it was on in the background, ya’ll) started talking about how quickly this trend is “sweeping Hollywood.” So I guess it may be too late to be “the first” to try it. But who cares? So many benefits, I say go for it.

Anyway, check out the link to her great article about the essentials of oil pulling like don’t spit it out in your sink; really give it 20 minutes; and and don’t gargle! Let me know how it goes.

Weekly Obsessions March 30

Like many people, I tend to get really excited about a things for a while, only to have many of them fall by the wayside after a few weeks or even days. Some obsessions definitely stick and become, well, normal interests, and that is great. However, I used to feel bad about being really into something for a short period of time. As if the time I devoted to that food, website, item of clothing, was not valuable because it was short? Not true, I say! Year of Fun celebrates anything that brings even short-lived happiness. So, here’s what I’m obsessed with (this week):

Coconut. For real ya’ll. Those of you who know of my extreme distaste for eating shredded coconut on any dessert or fried shrimp will laugh, but I am currently obsessed with coconut in other forms. It all started when my friend Emily (of the rockstar Emily Alt Photography-for real, go check out her rolling elopements) introduced me to oil pulling. Take quality oil–like organic, virgin coconut oil (I get mine from Trader Joe’s. For about $5, you can get a jar that will last for months)–and slowly swish (pull) about a tablespoon around in your mouth for 5-20 minutes in the morning before doing anything else. I know it sounds gross and, I’m not going to lie, it kind of tastes/feels gross at first. But, after two days my teeth were whiter than they’ve ever been and NO plaque. Oil pulling has other potential positive effects–fighting sickness, improving cardiovascular health, improving skin, hair and nails, and, even, helping ease the symptoms of many autoimmune diseases. If any of that happens, I will be very happy, however, the main reason I’m doing it is for my teeth. So white and so clean clean. Make sure you rinse and brush right after pulling!

That is not all I’m doing with coconut these days. I’m also putting the oil on my lips as a natural chapstick–since Chicago is under an ever-lasting frozen vortex of winter. And, almost every morning, I mix coconut water and orange juice for a delicious and healthy immune booster, hydrator, and all around pick-me-up.20140330-105436.jpg

Old Photos. I was recently going through all the stuff I have stored in my parents’ basement (yes, I am a fully grown adult and have boxes upon boxes of stuff in my parents’ basement) and found about 50 of those Walgreens envelopes full of photos. Now, these were not that old. They were high school and college, a time when Facebook was just being invented. I was feeling like I didn’t have many photos from that era, particularly college, and was so excited and relieved to find these. However, my mom also shared with me some photos that are actually old, of my grandmother, her mother, as a little girl. Not too long ago, she also shared with me old photos from my dad’s side of family that my sister and I used to create a photo book for our grandmother, his mother, last Christmas. Old family photos–especially black and white or faded color–make some of the best art for your home. They are meaningful and beautiful prints that add character and charm.  They are also relatively inexpensive to print, even in large sizes, and can be edited to fit standard frame sizes, so you don’t have to pay for custom framing. I have big plans for these in the new place.

20140330-105454.jpg      sc00054fb2

Organic Pop Tarts. Speaking of a blast from the past, these Trader Joe’s organic pop tarts are the cat’s pajamas. And they don’t have all the nonsense ingredients of other toaster pastries. Cherry pomegranate? Yes please.

20140330-110049.jpgSo those are my obsessions this week. We’ll see what next week brings…what are you obsessed with right now?


Day 358: More Arbonne and More

Remember those awesome vegan face products I blogged about a few weeks ago? Well, I hosted a small gathering for some of my friends to get free facials and learn about the skincare line from my friend Amanda. Even the hubs participated! And let me tell you, I did not hear one complaint. He happily used products that she lovingly called, “pantyhose for your face” and “magic unicorn love.” In fact everyone loved it!

On a totally unrelated note, I don’t know if you saw this after you started following Emily Alt Photography (after I recommended it because of how awesome she is), but Emily posted this super nice stuff about my involvement with the company. And, as if that wasn’t enough, she bought me this awesome t-shirt AND a subscription to Kinfolk as a thank you. Girl. Thank YOU.


Day 336: Arbonne

At the last minute, my co-worker Elizabeth had some extra space at an Arbonne party she was hosting, so she invited me. I did not really know much about Arbonne (I mean except that it is “good” face products) but I am so glad I do now.

I absolutely love everything I learned about the products–from the all natural ingredients to the animal testing policy (no testing on animals). Every product we tried smelled lovely and, even better, felt amazing on my skin. Recently, I have been on a crusade to rid my bathroom of antibacterial soaps because they kill all of the good bacteria (and I can’t afford to lose any of those). On NPR, I heard a story about how those same antibacterial ingredients are found in many face and body lotions, shampoos, deodorant and toothpastes (yes toothpaste!). I checked all of my labels at home and found them in many of the my other products. Arbonne sells all of these products (and more) yet all comply to same high standards they set for their make up and face lotions. They have even branched out into the world of supplements and juices–we did not even have time to go there at this party.

So….I’m super hooked. The only downside is it is a little pricey, so I’m starting with a facial care system and will move on from there…check them out.

Also, it was really fun hanging out with some of my co-workers outside of work. I am super glad I went!

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