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Weekly Obsessions-April 22

I had an obsession-free week last week, or rather it was all work. But I’m back! And this week I am waaaaaaay into…

1. Comfy Summer Shoes

Like these Naturalizers that make me feel like a 23 year old in both activity and appearance:

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And these Grasshoppers.

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For real, it’s like walking a gel mat. My friend with psoriatic arthritis turned me on to this brand and, girl, THANK YOU. Chicago street fests, here I come.

2.  This Pendleton Notebook 

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I spied a set of three of these adorable journals months ago at Foursided, one of my favorite stores in Chicago and also the location of my new gig (more on this later). When I purchased them back in January, they were added to my “Empty Notebooks” shelf, but I took this one out this week because my personal life was feeling a bit disorganized. At work, I fill up notebook upon notebook with, well, notes and lists. They keep me on task at work, so I figured I should do the same at home. Between the adoption, listing the condo for sale and hosting a whole slew of people, things are getting pretty crazy round here and I need a beautiful place to keep it all running smoothly. #heritageblanketpatternskeepmesane

3. Tuesdays

Tuesdays are my new Saturdays and I’m loving it. With my new gig as a Friday-Sunday shop girl at Foursided (remember how I love this store so much that I went to it on one of my first YoF excursions?) and my regular gig at the theater Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, Tuesdays have become my day. I sleep in. I make a delicious breakfast and/or lunch. I organize my life in my Pendleton notebook. Yes, I occasionally succumb to doing neglected work for the theater. And sometimes I run house errands or go to the doctor, but mostly, I enjoy the sun streaming in through the kitchen windows, blog or write and catch up with the world. Tuesdays are my moment of zen in an over-scheduled, over-worked, kinda crazy week.

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What do ya’ll do to unwind on your day/days off? Provided you have them, right?

What’s with that anyway? Sometimes on a Tuesday, I’m like, “Why do we all work so hard and so much when sitting here in the sun, thinking or writing or talking to someone else is so satisfying?” Does all the work allow me to appreciate this moment more? Or does the fleeting nature of this moment make me resent how hard I work?

But them I’m like, “But I help make art happen. And I bring theater to kids who might not have it otherwise. And I cut out tons of little rain drops to make a cute window display for April.” And that’s cool.


Day 353: Reconciliation

As you know, I’ve been doing the books for Emily Alt Photography and today I reached a pretty exciting milestone for the company. I reconciled.

I know, right? Everything from their bank account and credit card from the time the company officially began in March 2013 to now is accounted for. Pretty cool.

Did I mentioned people used to call me pre-calculus in high school because I’m such a nerd?

Day 347: Nancy the Accountant

In my role at Emily Alt Photography, I am working with their amazing accountant Nancy who is teaching me how to use Quickbooks. When I say “amazing accountant,” I mean so, oh-my-gosh-darn, super dee duper, fantastic, fun, crazy smart amazing. She is also so encouraging and supportive of me in this new role. I can’t imagine what it would be like if she was just exasperated with everything I don’t know. (I should probably add patient to her amazing list). She makes me feels confident and competent. What a great teacher! What a great phone call we had today!

Day 346: Bike Success

You GUYS! I finally rode my bike to work! It was great and hard and lovely. It definitely took me a minute to catch my breath, but I felt really good about the physical activity. Plus the weather was perfect, so it’s not like I was a sweaty mess at work all day.

Day 331: Office Work

The offices at work at very small. My department has a room that is probably 4’x5′ (ok realistically 6’x8′). This has two desks for 3-4 people (depending on how many apprentices there are). That’s right 20 (ok 48) square feet, two desks and four people. Oh and three doors that lead to other offices (and the basement). Oh and also no windows.

So it’s small. With very little wall space. And forget personal space. Anyway, today we flipped the desks! One has built in shelves attached above, the other does not. The one with built-ins ran along a regular wall while the one without ran along a brick wall. The idea is that we can put shelves up above the one without now that it runs along a regular wall. Cool!

As a result of this shift, our office received a good (necessary) clean up and clean out. I’m trying to keep it organized and clean as well as cozy. Maybe I’ll bring in a floor lamp…

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