Day 331: Office Work

The offices at work at very small. My department has a room that is probably 4’x5′ (ok realistically 6’x8′). This has two desks for 3-4 people (depending on how many apprentices there are). That’s right 20 (ok 48) square feet, two desks and four people. Oh and three doors that lead to other offices (and the basement). Oh and also no windows.

So it’s small. With very little wall space. And forget personal space. Anyway, today we flipped the desks! One has built in shelves attached above, the other does not. The one with built-ins ran along a regular wall while the one without ran along a brick wall. The idea is that we can put shelves up above the one without now that it runs along a regular wall. Cool!

As a result of this shift, our office received a good (necessary) clean up and clean out. I’m trying to keep it organized and clean as well as cozy. Maybe I’ll bring in a floor lamp…


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