Day 332: #marriage

Unplanned fun is the best, especially when it comes in the form of a surprise gift from the hubs. Actually I had a surprise for him too. We must have been thinking of each other at the exact same time–the post work errand run time–because the first thing he said when he came down to help me carry groceries up (yes, so sweet) was, “I got you a surprise.” And then we got to have that “Me too!” moment.

I got him a hoppy beer by Lagunitas he had never had called Hop Stoopid. The cashier at Trader Joes totally gave me props for my rad beer selection. And the hubs surprised me with this iPhone case that is PURPLE CHEVRON.

I mean, hello.

I love that we surprised each other (granted his was an actual gift and mine was technically groceries). I love that we were thinking of one another at the same time. I love that when I guessed it was a gift from the Apple Store (cuz I’m tricky like that), he wasn’t mad. And I love that we both loved what the other came home with. Love is all around, y’all.


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