Day 330: Shoes!

So my friend Sarah and I have a shared Pinterest board. Well, she does all the work, I just admire its usefulness. It is dedicated solely (ha solely) to comfortable shoes for our arthritic feet. Today I finally ordered a few pairs!

In recent months I have been more dedicated to shoes that keep me comfy all day and look stylish. (I have been living in these Merrell sandals–obviously casual but can dress up with certain summer dresses).


Before, the latter would have been the priority. Because I made this change in the summer, all of my good shoes are warm-weather friendly. Sadly, August is already halfway over and summer will soon be a memory (booooooo) so I need to find some fall friendly footwear. Here’s what I ordered:

Timberland Falmouth Ballerina Flat for work. I will wear with skinny ponte pants, a t-shirt and a blazer–classic I-work-in-the-theatre casual.







Clark’s Originals Desert Lace-Up Boot for casual fall days. I will pair with jeans (skinny or bootcut) and a cozy sweater for weekends full of football and apple cider.











P.S. I never order shoes online, so hopefully this isn’t a total sizing mess!


3 thoughts on “Day 330: Shoes!

  1. My RAD Life says:

    Awesome! I am constantly on the lookout for comfy/cute shoes. Can you share the link to the board?

  2. Sarah Malone says:

    Eeee! You didn’t tell me you bought some new comfort shoes! Let me know how they work out! I guess I should start pinning some fall ones too…

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