Day 329: Mid Morning

Ugh. Home sick all day. I woke up just feeling awful and, as is normally the case with RA, in pain. It’s hard to figure out if a flare up is causing the headache, congestion, sleepiness and mild fever or if it is the other way around. At this point, it is a pretty familiar feeling and I know that when it happens, I really need a day of rest.

So, after letting work know I would not be in and slurping a kale smoothie brought to me in bed by the hubs (he’s the best), I went back to sleep. For 3 hours. It was glorious. I spent the rest of the day doing light computer work with episodes of Giuliana and Bill (my original inspiration for the Year of Fun) on in the background.

The fun part, I’m not going to lie, was the half an hour when I wasn’t still asleep but I wasn’t quite awake yet either. I felt sick but I was also happy that I had slept. I knew that when I actually got up, I would need to accomplish things even though I was resting. I love sleeping in the early to mid morning when the sun is rising and the bedroom gets gradually lighter. Our building is peaceful and the dog is on her first nap and I know I still have a lot of day ahead of me but for now, I am in bed. Pretty great even when you feel ick.


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